Hi. I’m Jon.

A writer, storyteller, and deep thinker who loves nothing more than a decent cup of coffee and good old chat about life.

I was the curious kid growing up. You know, the one constantly tormenting his parents with ‘why?’ every 5 minutes, touching shiny things and quietly trying to piece the grand puzzle of life together.

It would be nice at this point to say that something’s changed. The truth is, it hasn’t. Since then, I’ve been spending my years diving beneath the surface of everyday life to find out exactly what it is that gives us meaning and purpose, and why we do what we do.

You see, we’re all different – but you’d be surprised at how much we’re all alike. We’re all on a journey, trying to navigate the flow of life, and doing the best that we can.

With personal stories, interviews, essays and thoughts on topics from people, culture and travel to science, philosophy and spirituality and everything in between, Raft is about helping you navigate the wild rapids of your own story with clear eyes, a full heart, and an open mind.

If nothing else, let it be a warming reminder that you’re not alone.

We’re on this river together.

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